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Welcome to Communities Voices

We hear you and we are here for you


Communities Voices at a Glance

We are peers. We have been through rough moments in our lives. We recognize that there are barriers to accessing community services because we have navigated the system. The tools we needed were out there, we just had to find them and figure out how to access them. And now that we have, we want to help you, members of our communities manage challenging situations by offering Peer Counseling, emotional support, assisting you in finding person-centered solutions, and providing warm handoffs to community resources.

Sometimes you just need...

an encouraging message to brighten your day.  We would love to know what your favorite quote is. Please share it with us! Email with the subject "My Favorite Quote" or share it with us on your favorite social media channel!

Support Services

Facilitating Connections

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Helping Hands

Peer Counseling

Taking things one moment at a time


Forming connections with peers

Services Navigation

Helping you connect with resources

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