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All Hands In

Our Story

Communities Voices knows that our strength lies not only in the words we stand by but, most notably, through the actions of our initiatives. Our story began with the pandemic when everyone’s lives paused and our world changed. We worked for a disaster relief program back when everyone seemed to think the pandemic would end quickly. FEMA grants funded temporary programs to provide relief services to the public. The program was intended to last three months, and after a year of extensions, the program was finally gaining traction just in time to end. We knew our communities’ needs extended beyond a temporary program’s abilities. We also understand that the needs of our communities are not limited to disasters. Crisis happens every day. Even so, a person doesn't need to be in crisis to need help. We know that by working together with other peers and existing community organizations, we can overcome our challenges much more efficiently, which is why we ultimately decided to launch Communities Voices.

We founded this organization because we have always wanted to help people. It’s part of who we are, and we know many people go into the services field for the same reason. As peers, we understand what it is like to have an “invisible” disability. We understand what it is like to need help and not know where to turn. We also know what it’s like to finally find the support we need, only to be turned away because we didn’t meet the criteria or because the system is already overwhelmed. We have been through it. We have navigated the systems in our communities. In the process, we found many amazing organizations that help in different ways. Our goal is to build connections to improve our communities’ well-being.


Helping people cultivate resiliency, access the tools they need to become self-sufficient and thrive in their journey of recovery.


Our mission is to provide emotional support, non-clinical counseling services, and community services navigation. To build a network of community organizations throughout the state of California to facilitate connections with the public.

Core Values

Our core values are the guiding principles used in our day-to-day activities and to plan future projects that propel us to create meaningful impact as we focus on achieving our mission and vision.

  • Collaboration and Empowerment – By prioritizing collaboration with other organizations and empowering people, we share the tools and resources needed to create positive change in our communities.

  • Diversity and Inclusion – We recognize and embrace the diversity of our team as a reflection of our communities. We respect these differences, acknowledge their value to our cultural understanding, and strive to promote an inclusive work environment.

  • Respect and Compassion – We treat our staff and members of our communities with respect and compassion by recognizing their value and being empathetic to their situation.

  • Transparency and Accountability – We aim to maintain trustworthy relationships with our staff and communities by embracing transparent communication and holding ourselves accountable.

  • Learning and Development – We strive to cultivate a growth mindset in our staff and communities by sharing knowledge and providing opportunities to improve their skills and understanding.

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