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Giving Tuesday

With the world in constant turmoil, addressing our mental health has become more critical than ever. Depression, anxiety, trauma, and anger have a profound effect on everyone's psyche. Communities Voices is a BIPOC/Women-led non-profit that provides non-clinical emotional support from the peer perspective. We are people with lived experience in mental health and substance use challenges. We understand the struggles of life, and as peers, we are dedicated to providing people with safe spaces to get support and develop the skills needed to heal. Peer support helps people build confidence, self-esteem, and self-compassion while offering a nonjudgmental place to talk through what they are going through. By donating today, your gift is matched, which will help us reach our year-end goal of $50,000. The money will go to helping us expand our reach to more communities, hire more staff, and provide more programs that are free of charge. If you cannot donate monetarily, we would appreciate it if you would donate volunteer time or help us on our Amazon Wishlist. Thank you.

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